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The Paleo Diet is the most talked-about healthy diet in recent times. What’s going on? How did it turn out to be the most popular Google diet plan for 2013? It is amazing to see that there are over 5000 e-Books about Paleo food recipes and lifestyles on Amazon.
The world has seen many types of food. There are vegetarians, vegans, lactose-free foods, meat-free foods. What made Paleo stand out? Demand is on!
Thousands of years ago, our ancestors lived off of food. 
Agriculture or food farming took place about 10,000 years ago. It’s something recent. Hunting for food was the only work our ancestors needed to do. They eat raw, low-salt, raw foods especially meat, fish, fruits and vegetables from plants. Also, there are no food grains. Note that the planting did not occur at that time.
The eating habits of our ancestors, cave dwellers, are what many people around the world. Choose to follow now with the status of a new food fashion, the ‘Paleo Diet’. A common saying that emphasizes this diet is’ If you don’t, swim, walk or get green, don’t eat it. “
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Why are you leaving Paleo?

Paleo diet fans have decided to go the Paleolithic way of leading a long and healthy life. It is also known as the Caveman diet, Hunter-Gatherer diet, Stone Age diet or Primal Blueprint Diet.
The whole point of walking the path of the Paleo is not to follow exactly our ancestors. And this is what makes it so popular. The modern man has come a long way, and several tweaks have made food easier to eat and more acceptable.
Proponents of her case have been working. To make the actual transcript of this statement available online.
Weight loss will follow fatigue and constant tiredness.
Paleo’s followers ate nutritious, nutritious food. They especially avoid all packaged. And processed foods, cereals, salt and milk. The main idea is to eat seasonal and fresh food.
Yes! This means that all toxic foods that affect. And damage to your digestive system and immune system avoid. Thus, all carbohydrates and carbohydrates end, and animal and plant proteins release. Paleo’s lawyers believe we can support this, along with a few ingredients if necessary.
Going to Paleo means that you will avoid foods that cause allergens. Most people are sensitive to gluten, milk, corn, sugar etc. In the Paleo diet, avoid foods. That contains all these, thus suppressing your germs.
The good thing about this diet is that it allows you to stop claiming your calories. You can stop counting your calories. You do not need to eat four times a day. And you should only eat when you are hungry. Food considers a continuous fuel.

Paleo Food

Paleo good food is one that contains a lot:
  • Protein
  • Good fats
  • Fibre
  • Nutrients
  • Vitamins and minerals
Less of:
  • Imodium
  • Carbohydrates
There are many things you should have and not have when it comes to following the Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet supports meat, fish and eggs as well as plant products as a source of nutrients. Dependent flesh is present, as is the skin, bones, liver, and almost all parts of the animal. People who eat vegetables or Vegans please apologize.
Did I mention a little salt? Yes, food is low in sodium. You will have to go for free salt or as little salt as you can.

Must Haves include:

  • Meat raised grass or pasture
  • Eggs
  • Fish/seafood
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Peanuts/seeds
  • Oil (olive, flax, avocado, coconut)
  • Boiled food like sauerkraut
  • Herbal teas like ginger, chamomile, nettle, peppermint found in moderation
  • Coconut water

You Must Avoid:

  • Milk such as milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt
  • Legumes
  • Grain kernels
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • More sugar
  • Potatoes
  • Used food and processed foods
  • Vegetable oils such as maize, sunflower, Crisco, peanut oil, margarine
  • Juices, soda, coffee, tea
  • Alcohol
You can have Moderation:
  • Chocolate
  • Raw honey
  • Dried fruit
  • Unspecified sea salt
Food does not include any beverages other than our pure water. Because pure drinking water was the only choice our ancestors had. It is better to have good fruit, or you can get fresh fruit juices to remove excess sugar.
You can add anything. And everything with coconut: Coconut water, oil, butter, vinegar, amino acids, sugar and nectar.

Paleo Lifestyle

Along with the diet, you will also have to make several lifestyle changes.
  • Try to get the right amount of sun exposure or if that method is not available take enough vitamin D.
  • You will need to be active, exercising such as walking, running, swimming, lifting, picking, carrying, jumping or crawling.
  • Be in close contact with children and family.
  • Live in harmony with nature. Engage in activities such as gardening or hiking in the mountains.
  • Care must take to avoid external pressures. Learn to live. Relax your mind and body.
  • You need to sleep in the dark, and sleep for at least eight hours a day.
In conclusion, it is not yet clear whether Paleo is working. Of course, there may be a few benefits. To follow this diet, but studies will still come with concrete results. There have been some studies done that came with good results, but the sample size was too small to accept.
Critics say that Paleo’s diet is not for everyone. The type of food to consume is expensive. Live labels, eaten with grass, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables are all associated with high costs. And that you will not get all the right nutrients by following the Paleo diet.
Paleo is becoming more and more popular. And no criticism is likely to pull you down. Celebrities and chefs around the blog support it, and fan numbers are growing day by day.
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