Sri Lanka 20 Rupees bill is one of the most beautiful bills. You will get one crisp bill as shown in the picture, this bill will have a different serial number.
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The Sri Lanka 20 Rupee banknote was released by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2010. The obverse of the note features a baronet butterfly Symphaedra nais, the modern Port of Colombo dotted with ships, containers, and gantry cranes. It also shows the old Port of Colombo with a ship, a Sri Lanka Serendib Scops Owl Otus Thilo Hoffmann, and a lion holding a whip with a sword. The banknotes reverse displays a Geta Bera drummer and a Ves Netuma dancer. Additionally, a stylized Liya vela floral motif and a guard stone or muragala with punkalasa that is believed to be a pot of plenty or a symbol of prosperity, are also shown. The banknote is 128 x 67 mm in size and bears a solid security thread with a printed CBSL RS 20. It also has a watermark that reveals an owl with an electrotype 20 and Cornerstones. This particular banknote is in uncirculated condition.


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